A rectangle with an angle on the right side, it is dim green blue with yellow blocks on the top and bottom. inside it reads 'world of ovengoats'. a 3d gif of Zim from invader zim sitting on the planet earth with a calm expression. made by Byte @lowpolyparrot on tumblr

my button....... u can add it to your site if u want... lmk if you do i wanna see...

hi freak a black and yellow construction-themed blinkie that reads 'WARNING THIS SITE IS UNDER HEAVY CONSTRUCTION'


i have a complete site rework in progress! no changes here until im DONE with the new one. i hope you wait and see it its way better LOL. check back later 🐎

in the meantime please enjoy this burger: 🍝 ohhh; it was a pasta again. *closes eyes forever

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me when im a little earnestpilled